Sector: Financial Services
Industry:Asset Management

Exchange: Nasdaq Global Select

Country: USA

Description: The Fund intends to pursue its investment objective principally through a two-part strategy, namely The NASDAQ Investment Portfolio and The Option Strategies. Firstly, the Fund will invest, under normal circumstances, substantially all of its net assets in a portfolio of investments (NASDAQ Investment Portfolio) designed to closely track the performance, before fees and expenses, of the NASDAQ 100ยช Index. The NASDAQ Investment Portfolio may include stocks that are members of the Index, stocks which are not members of the Index, and other investments that have economic characteristics similar to the securities that constitute the Index. These other investments may include futures, forwards, swaps, option contracts based on the Index and options on futures and swaps, as well as investment funds or baskets of securities with a composition similar to all or a portion of the Index. Secondly, in attempting to generate premium income and reduce the volatility of the Funds returns, with the intent of improving the Funds risk-adjusted returns, the Fund will write (sell) call options on the Index (Written Options) that are fully collateralized by the NASDAQ Investment Portfolio. Under normal circumstances, the notional value of the Written Options is not expected to exceed 50% of the Funds net assets.

Key numbers

Market Capitalization:956274720
Shares Outstanding: 38968000
Float: 37162768
Next Earning Date:
TTm EPS: 0.8827
TTm Dividend Rate: 1.62
200 days moving average:22.81
50 days moving average: 23.96
One day percent Change: 0.16

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